The Anand Karaj – What You Have To Do

Whilst many of us are familiar with what happens during the Anand Karaj, it’s different when it’s your turn to participate in it. This blog will take you through exactly what you will need to do as a bride during the Anand Karaj. Though please note that there is always some variation in the ceremony,Continue reading “The Anand Karaj – What You Have To Do”

Selecting your functions/rasams for the wedding

A wedding is very much a family affair, though confusingly every family does them differently. For Asian weddings this can be incredibly difficult to manage, as trying to find out all the different events and traditions to follow for your wedding can be almost impossible! Your Dads side says one thing, your Mums another andContinue reading “Selecting your functions/rasams for the wedding”

The Trials of a Trial

At Tiara Mehndi we offer all of our brides a complimentary bridal trial. This consists of a discussion around what the bride is looking for in her henna and a small henna design. This is a great opportunity to discuss the bridal henna design in detail and for the brides to see the henna inContinue reading “The Trials of a Trial”