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Bridal Henna


We use our skills and knowledge of henna art to translate our brides vision into henna. Even if you don’t like henna there are so many different and unique things we can do with your design, we are confident we can find something for you! If you are unsure about where to start with your bridal henna our Bridal Basics Blog series takes you through the different stages of planning your bridal henna. We offer all brides a complimentary consultation prior to booking.

Our most popular bridal packages are available to view here.

Our full bridal pricing is available to view here.

Event Henna

At Tiara Mehndi we provide a friendly and personable service to help enhance your guests overall experience. For large bookings such as mehndi nights we offer two light strips per guests (pictured above) to ensure that as many people as possible can be adorned with henna. For smaller groups that would prefer larger designs we offer a range of different designs of different coverage.

Event Henna Pricing is available to view here.

Individual Pieces


Henna is becoming a statement piece in its own right and is moving away from mainly being applied at weddings and festivals. We are able to provide henna designs for any occasion on an individual basis. We work with our customers to establish what they are looking for and how to best capture that in their mehndi. Depending on the desired coverage we are happy to travel to our clients. If you contact us directly with what you are looking for we will be able to provide you with a quote.

For all services if on the day heavier designs are requested, prices may be adjusted to reflect the additional coverage. Travel charges may also apply if located outside of London.