Bridal Packages

Your bridal henna can be as simple or detailed as you would like. There are no set rules to follow, it’s all about finding a design that makes you happy!

Bridal Packages

Below are our most requested bridal combo’s, named after the types of brides that normally go for them! These packages are just suggestions and if what you are looking for isn’t listed you view all bridal options here.

1.The “I’m only having mehndi because I have to” Bride

Coverage DetailPrice
TotalApplication TimeMin 3 hours£150

If you really don’t like henna but would still like to honour the tradition this this is the perfect package for you! Minimal designs that will peep through on the day without being over powering.

2.The “I want a full look, but don’t want to sit for hours” Bride

Coverage DetailPrice
TotalApplication TimeMin 4 hours£190

Intricate designs covering the whole of the palms up to the wrist, with light designs on the back to give breathing space. This gives you a lovely bridal look, without having to have your full arms covered. This design is also perfect if you are wearing Churra as anything past the wrist is covered by them.

3.The “I’m only getting married once, let’s do this! Bride

Coverage DetailPrice
TotalApplication TimeMin 6 hours£270

When you think of bridal henna, this is the image most people think of. Heavy coverage, boldly staining the arms and showing the world you’re getting married!

If you need any help or would like to check our availability for your date please get in touch today using the bookings page.

Please note that your booking may be subject to a travel charge. All prices are considered final only once they have been agreed via email.

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