Service Update

I am not taking on any new bookings at this point in time. The website will be updated when I have availability again. Thank you for your patience!

Your Journey Begins

With Tiara Mehndi, your journey starts here. Please be sure to explore all our services and choose the package just right for your henna vision.

Explore our Services

Amazing designs catered to all types of events and functions. Treat yourself and see our offers.

Discover Unlimited Possibilities

Bridal Mehndi can be anything you can imagine! We can include custom elements personal to you, or traditional elements that have been used for generations, to make your bridal henna special. All you need is an idea and we will take care of the rest.

Bridal Packages

If you don’t know where to start, or are tight on time, we have put together the below packages based on our most popular bridal combinations.

The “I’m only having mehndi because I have to” Package

Minimal designs that will peep through on the day without being over powering.

The “I want a full look, but don’t want to sit for hours” Package

Intricate designs covering the whole of the palms up to the wrist, with light designs on the back to give breathing space.

The “I’m only getting married once, let’s do this!” Package 

 Heavy coverage, boldly staining the arms and showing the world you’re getting married!

Event Henna

If you are having a Mehndi night or Henna Party, we offer different packages to cater to your different events.

Blog Posts

Keeping things simple is one of our core beliefs. We started writing blogs to help break down our services for clients. Since then we have moved on to breaking down Asian wedding planning process too!