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Event Henna

Event bookings can cover anything from a Mehndi Night to a Birthday Party. To ensure we are providing the best service for your group we have created the below packages. A light strip (pictured below) is a trail of henna that runs from the wrist to the index finger only, with no henna on the other fingers. For bookings where speed is of the essence, the strip style works best as they are quick to apply and provide a satisfying amount of coverage.

Each strip takes around 3 to 4 minutes to apply and most people are happy with this level of coverage. Packages 1 and 2 are perfect for people that would like a touch of henna. Whilst package 3 is for those that would like something with more coverage.

There are two payment options available for Event Henna:

£5 per person, for 1 light strip per person

This package works well for group bookings that have 15 or less people
in attendance, or if the guests are paying for themselves. It is still recommended for a start and finish time to be agreed as knowing there is an end time prompts people to have their henna applied in a timely manner.

£50 per hour, for 1 light strip per person

This package works well for any size booking as you will have an artist on site for x amount of time. It is perfect for large bookings or if you are unsure of how many guests are coming. If there is still time left at the end of the booking guests can have another strip. Other small designs such as mandalas can also be applied under this package, however they will be fairly minimal.

Looking for something heavier?

We offer the below pricing for heavier pieces, or light designs that are not strips. This package is perfect for bookings of less than 10 people to allow adequate time for each design. Please note that whilst the heavy designs will be full hands, they will not be as complex as bridal designs.

Pricing is for one side of one hand up to the wrist:

  • Light designs – £10
  • Small dainty designs with a main motif, thin wrist band and just the tips of the fingers covered.
  • Medium designs – £15
  • A main motif covering roughly half the centre of the hand with a medium band and henna half way down the fingers.
  • Heavy designs – £20
  • The full hand is covered with henna. Please note that this will not have the same level of detail and intricacy as bridal designs.

Please note that all pricing on the page is for the henna application only and a travel charge may apply on the day. Please note I currently only travel to areas within 30 mins of Hounslow.

If what you are looking for is not listed please get in contact via the Contact Page

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