Bridal Pricing

Your bridal henna can be as simple or detailed as you would like. There are no set rules to follow, it’s all about finding a design that makes you happy!

Things to consider…

  • How far up the arms/legs you would like your henna?
  • How detailed would you like your henna? This is the heaviness of the designs applied, and can be different for the palms, backs and feet.
  • Do you have any elements that must/must not be included in your design? For example bride and groom figures.

Detail Key

Light Detail

Very light open designs, covering around 30 to 40% of the area with lots of open space to help the design pop. Perfect for the minimalist bride, that would just like a hint of henna.

Medium Detail

More intricate designs that cover around 50 to 60% of the area with noticeable space and gaps in the design. Perfect for the bride that would like to make a statement without having full coverage.

Heavy Detail

Heavy Detail

The full area is covered with beautiful intricate designs. Perfect for a bride that loves henna and wants there to be no confusion who’s wedding it is!

Coverage Key

The picture above shows the different levels of coverage available for your henna. Again this will need to be decided for the feet, palms and backs of the hands. Normally the hands have the same level of coverage on both sides, whilst the feet can be anything. There are no set rules and you should only choose the level of coverage you are comfortable with.

Pricing Tables

Once you have decided on the level of coverage/ detail you would like. You can use the below tables to work out the price. The first table shows the pricing for 1 side of both hands. So it shows the cost of either both palms only or both of the backs of the hands only.

This is to allow you to chose a different level of detail/coverage for both sides of the hands if desired. The second table is the pricing for the tops of both feet.

You will need to look at the first table twice to get the price for the palms and backs of the hands and the second table once to get the price for the feet. The total cost of the bridal the sum of all three figures.

Palms or Backs of Hands¼ Arm½ Arm¾ ArmElbow

You don’t have to pick feet if you don’t want to, just like you don’t have to have both sides of the hands or go all the way to the elbows. Bridal henna is what makes you happy and what you are comfortable with.

Toes and strip on the outside side of the foot only£30

If you need any help or would like to check our availability for your date please get in touch today!

Please note that your booking may be subject to a travel charge. All prices are considered final only once they have been agreed via email. I am currently no longer travelling further than 30 mins outside of Hounslow.

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