Bridal Basics – Introduction

Mehndi is one of the things that you don’t consider, until it is your own wedding! Whilst almost all of our brides/clients know what mehndi is and have had it applied in the past. The majority of our brides are unsure of how to approach booking their bridal henna and what it actually consists of. Through this Bridal Basics series I will take you through the different stages of bridal henna to provide you with the knowledge to confidently book your bridal henna.

This series will consist of the following parts:

Establishing your henna style preference – Before you can book a henna artist you need to be aware of what style of mehndi you like. This will help you to identify they style of henna you like and find someone that can deliver it.
Booking your henna – This section will take you through the basic stages of booking henna and important things to consider such as date/ time of application.
The day of application – Many of our brides are surprised at how long mehndi takes to apply. This post will take you through the small details of the day so you are aware of what to expect on the day.

I am also working on other posts that are not bride specific and will have more information on what henna is, after care and booking henna for events/functions.

Please let me know if you have found this helpful and feel free to share!


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