Bridal Henna on the Mehndi Night?

I have touched upon this a couple of times, but it seems to be a common topic so I have made a post dedicated to this question!

I generally do not recommend having you mehndi done on the same day as your henna night if it is going to be a large function. If it is a group of family/friends there to get their henna done then you should be ok. This is because depending on the size of the design you have chosen it will take anything between 1 to 8 hours for application. This means you will have to stay sitting away from everyone at the function for that time as well as allowing time for the design to dry to prevent smudging.  Also the busy environment may distract your henna artist, and people will be constantly coming to speak to you and potentially jog the henna artist. All these small things will add up and ultimately affect the quality of your henna and possibly make the process even longer. By having your bridal henna applied separately you will be able to fully enjoy your henna night! Here’s a quick breakdown of the different ways to do it.

Bridal Henna applied on a separate day to Mehndi Night

This is the most ideal scenario, but it can be a bit lonely as most people like their friends and family around. 


  • The henna artist can take their time.
  • You can relax as there will be no guests to entertain.
  • There is more time for the henna to dry and it will be less likely to get smudged.
  • You will be able to keep the paste on for longer.


  • There will be less photo opportunities.
  • You don’t get that Bollywood style mehdni night 😉
Bridal henna applied before function
This is the most common option. It works best if you have your henna applied so that it is dry by the time guests arrive. The earlier you have it applied the longer the henna will have to stain.
  • You can join in the mehndi fun and take pictures.
  • Everyone has their henna done at once.
  • It’s only one booking.
  • The henna will be dry so it will not be smudged.
  • If you get your henna done early enough you can leave it on for longer.


  • As you will be moving around a lot the paste is more likely to flake off.
  • As you will have try and keep the paste on you will be limited in how much you move/dance.
Bridal henna applied during the function
Unless you are having extremely light/ simple bridal henna I would avoid this.
  • Everyone can be a part of your henna being applied.


  • You will have guests disturbing you and interrupting the application.
  • You will have to sit still and wait for the henna to dry, so you will be away from the function.
  • Your henna is more likely to get smudged and flake off quicker.
  • Your henna artist will be disturbed which may affect the quality of the design if it happens repeatedly.

Hope this helps!

Jaz x

2 responses to “Bridal Henna on the Mehndi Night?”

  1. What are your charges. Per hour or per person or for the night. Be around 1p people


    1. Hi Javida,

      All pricing is available below:

      Click to access Tiara-Mehndi-Service-Brochure.pdf

      Let me know if you need anything else!


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