More For Less

Whether you are restricted by time, patience or budget here are some tips/ tricks to get a full coverage look without going for heavy henna:

The Churra Gap

The first artist I saw do a churra gap is Bharathi Sanghani and I think it is a genius idea, though I don’t know if she is the first person to do this. For Punjabi brides in particular their bridal churra will cover a large portion of their arm and hide the mehndi design. So by having henna done up to the wrists, then a gap where the churra will go and then a band where the churra will finish it still looks like the arms are fully covered without having to have the whole forearm hennaed. Also bridal churra are normally worn for at least 30 days, so the mehndi will have faded before the churra come off. For non Punjabi brides if you don’t mind having a gap this will still work with whatever bangles you will be wearing on your wedding day! The gaps can also be made to look a part of the design.


There’s a reason party henna is always strips and that is because they are quick, easy and effective. Strips can be done in all levels of heaviness and are always a favorite. You can have light strips going all the way up and still have a full look on a budget. If you do want some detail I would recommend going full/medium on the palms and having strips on the backs and feet. This will give you some heaviness and strips are quicker to apply. So if you don’t like sitting still for too long, this is a good option!

Embrace the space 

This is similar to the churra gap but slightly different. If you go for bold large feature elements such as mandalas they help make the design look full without having to cover the whole area. Another key element is netting, this will not save on budget but does help save time as (simple) netting is a quick way to cover large areas!

Forget the Feet!

Most bridal outfits will cover most of the feet and the legs.  So unless you really would like full henna on the legs there isn’t much point having it done. A nice way to get a full look is doing a slipper type design around the toes as they are the main parts of the feet that will be seen on the day. Another tip is to have a look which bits of the feet will be visible in your wedding shoes and have bold designs applied there. For example most shoes show the center of the foot, so a mandala is always a great way to fill the space!

Hope you find this useful! If you have anymore tips/tricks I would love to hear them!!

Jaz x


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