The Trials of a Trial

At Tiara Mehndi we offer all of our brides a complimentary bridal trial. This consists of a discussion around what the bride is looking for in her henna and a small henna design. This is a great opportunity to discuss the bridal henna design in detail and for the brides to see the henna in real life and how it will stain them. Also as you’ll spending quite a few hours with your artist it’s a good chance to see if you are comfortable with them! To help brides get the most out of their trial, I have listed some tips below:

  • Pictures – Have some pictures of designs you like ready so that the artist can see what style you are looking for. This can be pictures of the artist your booking with work or other artists for inspiration. Focusing on you artists work is helpful as they do their style best, though should be able to replicate other styles/ elements.
  • Must do’s – If there are any elements that you would definitely like included in your bridal henna this is a good time to share them with your artist. Again pictures will be extremely helpful in showing what you would like. By discussing this now you will be able to see if the artist is comfortable doing the elements or if there will be any additional costs.
  • Coverage/Detail – It is important to know how far up the arms/legs you’s like your henna and how detailed it should be. This will allow the artist to provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unsure about either of these aspects then the trial is a good opportunity to speak to discuss your queries and get advice from an experienced source. Though it’s good to have a rough idea.
  • Bridal practise – Not only are you trialing the artist, but you are also trialing their paste. Your stain will only be as good as your after care and it is important to be familiar with what is required for a good stain. It is also important to have clean skin with no cream/ oils on. To see how the stain will be on the wedding day it is best to keep the paste on as long as you thing would be able to on the day.
  • Questions – If there is anything you are unsure of or would like to know this is your best opportunity to ask and get a full and detailed answer.
  • Budget – This will allow the artist to recommend the best package for your needs.

Hope you find this information helpful!

Jaz x

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