Tiara Tips

After getting married myself last year, I thought I would share all the tips and tricks I learnt during the wedding planning process to help my brides with their wedding planning. It was so daunting beginning the process of planning! I had no idea what I needed to book, what was required and couldn’t find much information for Asian wedding planning online either. Hopefully these blog posts will be of some assistance.   

I have been posting tips on my Instagram however, I have found that it was not the best forum for the information as it’s more suited to sharing pictures than information. Which I know is obvious however I very confidently thought that as it was more interactive, I could make it work. Going forward I decided that all my existing tips on Instagram will remain there and any new tips will be shared on my Blog page. I will still post a summary of the tip on Instagram and then if more information is required you can view my blog page.

So please go to my Instagram to see:

The deposit table – A breakdown of how I kept track of my paid and due deposits with an example. The picture can also be used as a supplier list.

Supplier cheat sheets – A brief breakdown of the information you will need when enquiring with different suppliers.

The shared email account – How having a shared email with either your partner of family for any quotes/ wedding contracts is beneficial.

Choosing your functions – I couldn’t explain this point as in-depth as I wanted to on Instagram, so I will be writing a separate blog post.

Hopefully some of my information will be able to help with your wedding planning! Feel free to message/comment any other comments you would like covered.

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